We specialize in all aspects of surveying in construction phase. Our hardware and software systems enable us to digitise information from electronic drawings to feed directly to instruments ensuring time/cost efficiency.

Work is undertaken to high standards of accuracy in order to achieve required tolerances tailored to each project. As-built information is translated into detailed and legible drawings using CAD or tabulated into spreadsheet format where more appropriate.

We carry out:

  • Pre-start detailed site surveys for planning phase
  • Establish and transfer primary and secondary grid/datum control on site
  • Steelwork /concrete interface survey for holding down bolts, concrete levels etc.
  • General setting out
  • Plumb line and level of installed steel-work to NSSS v5 or project specific tolerance
  • On-site verification of embedment plates for site welding
  • Independent survey checks
  • Survey of existing buildings for refurbishment/extensions
  • Setting out and surveying for bridge installation

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Registered in England and Wales
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